Basic Theory for Home Content Filtering

So I promised a good friend I’d get back on the blogging horse and finally cover this topic.  I must confess, Pooky and I were on a roll in blogging.  Then the holidays kicked in, and with it little flu germies ran rampant through the home like cloaked nerds at a Star Wars convention.  Let’s … Continue reading Basic Theory for Home Content Filtering

Taming Your Router with Style and Grace

So I got a nice request for a post, though I do apologize for the delay in posting it.  The question: I just read your password security blog and I was wondering...How do I change my router name/password to something other than admin/admin? I think it was something different at some point but the other … Continue reading Taming Your Router with Style and Grace

DNS Wizardry for Muggles

The fireplace crackled and popped, embers fading to hues of dark orange.  They sat together on the couch, his arms around her protectively, her head lying across his chest.  He savored the smell of her fruity hair, the gentleness of her warm affection soaking into his very pores.  The children had fallen asleep hours earlier, … Continue reading DNS Wizardry for Muggles