A Tale of Two Brothers

Today we'll learn about two brothers: TCP and UDP.  Chances are, you have never heard of these guys.  Remember in a previous blog, we talked about how computers communicate with each other on a network: an IP Address (leaving off the other network protocols like Appletalk, IPX, and similar irrelevant inhabitants on the Isle of … Continue reading A Tale of Two Brothers

Uncrunchy Pooky’s Home Remedy for Sinus Infection

Please don’t EVER substitute my advice for a doctor’s care.  I merely dabble in things named “natural.”  I would definitely classify myself as “unnatural," completely "uncrunchy." Until recently, I have eaten a severely processed diet rich in high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, and second-hand hormones.   I take antibiotics when the doctor tells me to, Tylenol … Continue reading Uncrunchy Pooky’s Home Remedy for Sinus Infection

DNS Wizardry for Muggles

The fireplace crackled and popped, embers fading to hues of dark orange.  They sat together on the couch, his arms around her protectively, her head lying across his chest.  He savored the smell of her fruity hair, the gentleness of her warm affection soaking into his very pores.  The children had fallen asleep hours earlier, … Continue reading DNS Wizardry for Muggles

On My Way to Becoming a Trim Healthy Mama!

For the past few years, I have  felt a nagging conviction to eat healthier.  I had friends regularly offering to buy me raw milk, suggesting that I soak my grains, telling me of the joys of juicing and eating raw, and on and on and on….. I knew there were some good things to be … Continue reading On My Way to Becoming a Trim Healthy Mama!

KeePass Saves the Password World

KeePass Password Safe for you and me What is KeePass?  It is an encrypted database for passwords.  Or to over simplify, it's a super duper hiding place for your secret stuff.  It is a database, or a list of stored information (in this case, your passwords).  It is encrypted, meaning that if someone gets the … Continue reading KeePass Saves the Password World