Happy 40th Birthday, My Dear Geek!

40 years ago
40 years ago

My dearest Geek,

You’ve accomplished so much in 40 short years–just look at your beautiful children. You are so loved.


Thank you for working so hard every day to take such good care of us.  You’ve provided far more than we could ever want or need. I am extremely grateful for your amazing work ethic and integrity.

And, boy oh boy, do you make us laugh!  I never imagined life could be so much fun!


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I love that you always take care to make us so happy.  Beyond just humor, you make a point to set a mood for our family.  You find the perfect background music for whatever we’re doing.  You think to light candles and dance.  You nurture our souls with all these little extras.

I  appreciate your laid-back manner. (Honestly, I do.) When I get busy and frantic, you stay calm. And while that irritates the tar out of me sometimes, I need your tranquil ways. You can always talk me down off the ledge.  You help us take time to smell the flowers.


You cherish us. You pray for us. You teach us to be more like Jesus.

I know it’s going to be a tough day for you, my love.  But just hold on to our dreams of growing old together–our dream of rocking in our rocking chairs on the front porch, our dream of stuffing our grandkids full of sugary treats and caffeine and sending them home with “Mom and Dad.” We’re a little bit closer to those dreams today.

Thank you for making our lives so beautiful!  Can’t wait for the next 40 years!



Young at heart
Young at heart

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