Take Your Condom Commercial and Shove It, Cartoon Network!

*Warning: Adult content.

I have a behemoth bee in my bonnet! My 11-yr-old son came to me earlier this evening and said he thought he just saw an inappropriate commercial. So I walked into the living room, rewound the DVR recording of Star Wars Clone Wars, and beheld a TROJAN Ecstasy commercial with two teenage-type people walking around naked with various objects (including cars, cantaloupes, balloons, and lollipops) strategically covering their unmentionable areas. Seriously, if you see this commercial (and have a child and/or a shred of morality), you will be shocked that it aired on a cartoon station. I could not bring myself to post a link because of the even-more offensive side-bar links that are attached to it on YouTube.

This was on CARTOON NETWORK!!! Outrageous!!!

I am a Christian. So right off the bat, I am anti-premarital sex. Because the Bible says it’s wrong, that’s why.

But maybe you are not a Christian. Maybe you don’t give two craps what the Bible says. Well, surely you can at least see the harm in advertising sex to CHILDREN.

We cannot advertise evil, carcinogenic cigarettes to minors. We cannot have villainous vending machines in the schools tempting the dear children with wicked saturated-fat-filled foods. But we CAN advertise condoms to the sweet young youths?

Premarital sex should be illegal.

“Dear Pooky, you can’t legislate morality,” you say.

Let’s see… Don’t you have to be 18 to smoke tobacco? Don’t you have to be 21 to drink alcohol? Don’t you have to be 16 to drive a car—and have a license to do it? Don’t you have to be 18 to vote– and be registered to do it? (I realize that some of the aforementioned ages may vary from state to state.)

All of these behaviors have been legislated, and rightly so. These are privileges that require maturity. Children are not expected to have the wisdom to handle these adult behaviors. If not handled wisely, all of these behaviors (with maybe the exception of voting) can have dire and even fatal consequences. Sex is no different. Handled foolishly, it can result in unwanted pregnancy (but, of course, you can just kill that little bugger, right?), emotional damage (oh, yes it can), and sexually transmitted diseases (which can be fatal, you know).

So here’s my two cents:

I think you should have to be 18 to have sex—and have a license to do it. And it should be called “a marriage license.”

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