Pooky’s Delightful Essential Oils Class at Her Deceptively Dirtless Home

I wish I were one of those people whose house is always  5 minutes from being “company ready.”  Unfortunately, I am not.  My house is more like 5 days from being “company ready.” It’s amazing how much effort it is for me to get ready for a group of people to come over.  I wish I just didn’t care.  I wish I didn’t feel the need to have the kitchen clean and to dust under the furniture and to relocate the piles of clutter and toys.   I clean the main living area like a crazy person. I hide the playpen and baby paraphernalia. I stash away the multitude of shoes that usually graces our dining room.

The living room, dining room, and kitchen may look fairly presentable in the end, but woe to you who opens the closet or cabinet door!  Beware the upstairs bedrooms with their inches of dust and unmade beds!  Shun the upstairs bathrooms with layers of soap scum and traces of mildew! Certain death awaits anyone who dares descend the basement stairs!

 I have mostly given up trying to clean the entire house for guests, but  I do still obsess over the main living areas.  And, so, I rarely invite people over because it’s just too much effort.  I know it’s wrong—I’ve read all the books.  Supposedly, I should either keep up with housework better or stop caring what people think. I hear that true friends won’t mind the mess, and I should strive to be hospitable. Alas, I have very few people that I feel comfortable inviting into my “everyday” house. They are usually the people I know have similar “everyday houses,” too.  Sigh.

While it was a tremendous effort to prepare for this weekends’ get-to-gether, I had a blast! I hosted my first essential oils class last night!  It was so great!  My friend Heather has such an incredible testimony of how God has led her to turn her family’s health around by changing their diet and using essential oils.  I’m nowhere near adopting a healthy diet right now, but I have jumped on the essential oils bandwagon because, quite simply, they work. I started out an avid skeptic, but after trying essential oils for myself, I’m sold.  Our family has experienced fabulous success using oils for our allergies, asthma, headaches, stomach aches, indigestion, yeast infections, muscle pain, and more!  I started out thinking any successes HAD to be placebo effect.  The human mind is a powerful thing.  But after many repeated successes with multiple people in our household, I am convinced it is more than a mind trick. And I was very excited to share all this with friends!

All in all, I always have a grand time when we finally make the effort to entertain.  But I’m still not quite sure what I am supposed to learn here.  Is it to clean more OR care less?

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